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“18 년 전부터 알게된 J.Bruce Weinman 변호사님은 모든 일을 가장 정확하시고 신속하시고 성실하게 잘 해주시는 존경하는 변호사님이십니다 미국 변호사님이시지만 동양인의 마음과 같으시며 인정이 많으시고 친절하시며 한인을 위해서 도와주시는 훌륭한 변호사님께 늘 감사한 마음을 가지고 있습니다. 또한 친절하고 실력있으신 한인 여 직원이 성실하게 도와 주십니다 J.Bruce Weinman 변호사님께 이민에 관한 모든 것를 맡기시면 절대로 기대에 어긋나지 않 을 것을확실히 믿고 추천드립니다 Attorney J.Bruce Weinman whom I’ve known for 18 years is someone I truly respect. He works truthfully in outstanding precision and timeliness. Even though Mr. Weinman is an American Lawyer, he can think in our perspective just like an Asian, he is a great lawyer and I am always grateful for his kindness and friendliness to the Korean community. Moreover, he has friendly and proficient staffs. I recommend J.Bruce Weinman for all your immigration needs with an absolute certainty that he will work in a good faith, and you will not be disappointed by his services.”

“Mr. Weinman prepared my green card case in the shortest terms, and still with exceptional attention to detail.His expertise in Immigration law is undoubtedly vast but what really sets him apart is something they don’t teach at law schools. He possesses class and truly cares for each person he represents. After my case, I had the privilege to work with him on a number of other cases for my company. Each case had its hurdles and we were only successful in filing them thanks to Mr. Weinman’s navigation and expert advice. It is not an exaggeration if I say he is a hero. In his practice, he has quietly changed the lives of so many people and made their dreams come true.”

“Mr. Weinman is an experienced and honest attorney. You can easily approach him if you have questions and he gives his personal utmost attention to your case. Thank you for helping me and answering all my questions!”

“I had a particularly difficult immigration case but Mr. Weinman was able to help me fix my status. I have dealt with other immigration lawyers prior to my business with this office but my experience was horrible. Mr. Weinman is responsible, professional, effective and most importantly, honest. I recommend this office for anyone with immigration issues. I will certainly do business here again for my other family members.”